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First Broadcast 11th September 2019 9pm Channel 4


Entrepreneur Paul is a workaholic with a compulsion to get things done in the shortest time possible. So when he and wife Amy set out to build a giant new home on their 16-acre plot in Lincolnshire, he gives himself only 12 months to do it. The big problem is that this is no ordinary build – it’s five circular buildings made up of interlocking timber cylinders linked by raised wooden walkways that hang over a fishing lake, all inspired by Celtic round houses. It’s a vast and complicated endeavour, but Paul intends to throw his entire being into making it happen.


From the get-go, Paul’s local team struggle with the devilishly tricky curves and angles of the cylinders and the ambitious schedule starts to slip. Desperate to get the timber superstructure watertight before autumn rains hit, extra manpower is thrown at the project. The budget spirals and Paul works almost day and night to complete the building in a year by sheer force of will. But this relentless drive begins to take a toll on Paul’s health, an old back injury leaving him in agony. Halfway through the build he’s admitted to hospital for an operation that could threaten the entire project.

UNP CH4 40265 Grand Designs Kevin McClouUNP CH4 40265 Grand Designs Kevin McClou
Suppliers List

Suppliers List

The following list of suppliers is for information purposes only and no representation or endorsement is made by us in respect of these suppliers.

Company Name
Bathroom & tile installation
Composite decking
Electrical & communications
Fibreglass flat roofing specialists
General building supplies
Glass dome and windows
Groundworks & concrete
Music room resin floor
Quartz kitchen worktop and sink fabricators
Quartz kitchen worktop manufacturer
Shower trays & screens supplier
Steel fabricators
Timber cladding
Timber frame company
TV Installations
Watercolour impressions of design 
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