First Broadcast 4th September 2019 9pm Channel 4


It’s a particularly brave, or perhaps foolhardy person who even thinks about building a new house right on top of a sheer cliff, 100 feet above crashing seas and jagged rocks. But that’s exactly what former structural engineer Andy and textile industry expert, Jeanette, are planning to do on the west coast of Scotland. They want to spend 250 thousand pounds on a two-bedroom, glass-fronted, earth-sheltered home for themselves and their two beloved Newfoundland dogs. But construction on such an exposed site, just feet from the cliff edge, is fraught with danger.

Whilst Jeanette travels abroad for work, Andy is left in charge of the build. In the face of gale force winds and pounding rain, Andy and a small team must battle to piece together this dramatic viewing box of a home out of industrial materials like concrete and steel. Regardless of extreme weather, budget overruns, schedule delays and an unexpected emotional shock, it’s a major last-minute design change that begs the biggest question – even if Andy finishes the house, will Jeanette actually like it?


Suppliers List

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Company Name
Concrete structure
Electrical works
External & internal doors
External stone cladding
Fascias, soffits and handmade furniture
Geological engineer
Kitchen units
Planning stage architects
Plumbing & heating
Soft furnishings
Structural engineer
Structural steelwork
Structural waterproofing
Tarmac surfacing
Wooden map
Building control document cleared under Open Government Licence