Grand Designs South Hertfordshire

South Hertfordshire

First Broadcast 27th September 2017 9pm Channel 4

South Hertfordshire

For 30 years, no-one’s been allowed to build on the protected land surrounding one of Britain’s most historic abbeys in Hertfordshire. But no-one reckoned on golf-coach Chris and ex-figure skater Kayo. Incensed by anti-social behaviour on an overgrown part of the land, right next to their current house, Chris and Kayo launch a 6 year battle to solve the issue by building a new family home there for them and their 3 children.


Constrained by stringent planning conditions from English Heritage and the local council, Chris and Kayo put all their trust in friend and architectural designer Rogan. Eventually Rogan manages to wrangle a design that’ll satisfy everyone – but Chris and Kayo’s problems are only just beginning. The unique, single story Roman courtyard inspired design is so intricate and complicated, and Rogan’s vision so unique, that immediately the 18 month build schedule and £600K budget come under enormous pressure. It proves a rollercoaster of delays, overspends and obsessive craftsmanship, with Chris and Kayo’s faith in Rogan tested to the limit. And remarkably one big question looms large throughout – will Chris and Kayo even like their radical family home when it’s finished?...


Suppliers List

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Company Name
Ariel Survey
Artificial grass and putting greens
Bathroom fittings and ceramic tiles
Building guarantee
Cooker and fridge
Designer B.Arch
Electrical engineering
Garden products
Ikebana flower arrangements
Planning consultants
Project management and construction (including carpentry, cabinets, wardrobe and windows)
Projector and cinema systems
Roofing material
Sedum roof
Solar tubes on roof
Timber frame building
Underfloor heating