Grand Designs Richmond


First Broadcast 3rd October 2018 9pm Channel 4


In the first ‘healthy’ home project ever seen on Grand Designs, gallery owner Elinor and fitness entrepreneur Born set themselves the near impossible task of creating Britain’s first hypoallergenic house. Driven by the need to alleviate their two young sons’ life threatening allergies, their new part-submerged, shed-inspired home will be built with low toxin materials and use cutting edge filtration systems to clean the air they breathe.

Right from the start Born and Elinor are up against it. Their site may be on a leafy back garden plot in South West London, chosen because it is very close to a hospital, but it also has time limited access. As large trucks take soil away from their huge basement excavation, the route they’re taking comes under threat. Structural build panels from Latvia also face a nail biting deadline. All the while Elinor and Born research nearly every material, item and even houseplant that enters the property, desperate to make the house as safe and non-allergenic for their boys as possible.


It’s an immense burden and with the children still suffering weekly allergy attacks, it’s a race against time to get moved in. But will their innovative new house deliver the benefits Elinor and Born are fighting for? Can it really improve their boys’ lives, or will it all be in vain?...


Suppliers List

The following list of suppliers is for information purposes only and no representation or endorsement is made by us in respect of these suppliers.

Company Name
Artwork throughout house
Artwork - circular entrance mural
Bathrooms and kitchens
Design and build
Dolls house maker
Dolls house miniatures
Eco design wood burner
Finishing contractor
Heat source pump
Landscape design
Lighting design
Mechanical ventilation with heat recovery system installation
Paving and decking
Roof lights