Grand Designs Leominster


First Broadcast 10th October 2018 9pm Channel 4


Chiropractor Steph has spent 20 years dreaming of living on her grandfather’s farmland, which was sold out of the family when she was sixteen. Now she’s going to do just that, along with husband Alex, no matter what it takes. After re-mortgaging their current house to buy back twenty seven acres of the farm for £200k, Steph has managed to get planning permission for a sleek contemporary cantilevered farmhouse in the old gravel pit where she played as a child. She’s determined to give her two young children a chance at the blissful childhood she had.


But Steph and Alex are told their ambitious design will cost £500k to build – double what they can borrow. Regardless, the family take a leap of faith, sell up and move into a draughty old caravan on site to save money on accommodation. It’s supposed to be a temporary solution while they bring down the costs for their build, but six months of failure later caravan life is starting to look like it could become permanent. The family are in desperate need of a saviour or their dream could turn into a nightmare.Then along comes Steph’s oldest friend…


Suppliers List

The following list of suppliers is for information purposes only and no representation or endorsement is made by us in respect of these suppliers.

Company Name
Artwork - kingfisher & pheasants
Artwork - sheep, playroom
Beds, lamps, wardrobes, media unit
Bed - girl's bedroom
Bifold doors
BioDisc sewage treatment package plant
Carpets - first floor
Cladding fitters
Corrugated steel cladding and trims 
Doors - external
Kitchen, internal doors and shower board
Hallway light & toilet roll holders
Hanging chair in girl's room
Hard flooring suppliers
Hard flooring downstairs, bathroom and master bedroom
Main contractor
Solar panels
Timber frame
Hallway slat divider