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Tunbridge Wells

Wednesday 7th September 2022 9pm Channel 4

Tunbridge Wells

For eight years, Kate and Rob have lived in a 1940’s prefab built by Rob’s grandfather. Designed to be lived in for just ten years, this factory-built house is well past its sell buy date. Now Kate and Rob are at last in a position to replace it, with a bespoke, modern, warm home – that will also be built in a factory using volumetric modular construction. Over just six weeks, their new house will be manufactured on a production line, complete with insulation, tiling and kitchen installed. Six giant modules will then be transported to site and craned into position to create an exciting, unique three bedroom house – almost overnight. Well that’s the theory.  


Despite major access issues meaning their new house might not even be delivered, Rob and Kate forge ahead and demolish their old prefab. Now there’s no turning back, problems have to be solved and trust in their modular contractor has to be 100%. On the face of it, Kate and Rob have embraced a reliable, efficient and cheap way of building a house, a method that could revolutionise the way we all build homes in future. But one big question remains, will the end result really feel like the characterful home they’ve dreamt of, or just some kind of glorified static caravan?   

Tunbridge Wells Suppliers List

Suppliers List

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