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Grand Designs January 2021

The Streets
Series Three

The architectural daring shown at the UK's largest self-build site at Graven Hill, has captured the imagination of councils across the country.

Plucky self-builders have been given a once-in-a-lifetime chance to build their wildest imaginings. There is a new street in York, where Kevin McCloud follows the development of some incredible pioneering projects. As well as returning to Graven Hill to see more extraordinary projects being built, Kevin will return to Glasgow with co-presenter Natasha Huq to witness the final few homes going up in the iconic self-build street there.  


This series of Grand Designs: The Streets will capture the spirit of community that these incredible self-build streets engender, as the determination, resilience and ambition of the builders shines through, to create something extraordinary.   

Nicola & Gareth


Matt & Maryellen

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Matt and Maryellen and Nicola and Gareth are the first two families to self-build on the Street in York with very different visions. One is flamboyant, cutting edge and Brazilian, the other is a beautifully crafted traditional with a modern twist… 

Tom & Lori

Interiors - 2 Elliot Crescent (62 of 173)_edited.jpg

At Graven Hill, what is supposed to be the self-build adventure of a lifetime for Tom and Lori turns into a nightmare they could never have imagined. 




Interior - Elliott Crescent  (17 of 26)_edited.jpg

Father and son team, Michael and Tim, are together building a daring home - full of curves - at Graven Hill for Tim. We also revisit Jitinder who has completed his extraordinary Hollywood hills style home. 



In York, Jonathan is self-building a wildly experimental home  - using a system he has designed himself!





Early on in their relationship, Richard and Jane decided to self-build homes in York - three doors down from each other on the same street. 




May 17 Grand Designs (Full-Res)-58.jpg

In Glasgow, hiking enthusiast Karen wants to build a modern-day mountain hut in the heart of the city, while next door, her neighbour William has plans to build something eccentrically old-fashioned.

Amanda & Chris


Tired of living on top of each other in a tiny house outside Glasgow, Amanda and Chris start work to build a fabulous family home for them and their three children. We also return to visit Joanna and Ben’s Wild West house.

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