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Grand Designs January 2021

The Streets
Series Two

Kevin McCloud returns to Graven Hill in Bicester - the UK's largest mass self-build site to witness the trials, setbacks and successes of future residents endeavouring to craft their own, highly individual homes. Kevin will also be witnessing the birth of a new Street in Glasgow with co-presenter Natasha Huq. 


The new series of Grand Designs: The Streets will once again capture the spirit of community that these incredible self-build streets engender, as the determination, resilience and ambition of the builders shine through, to create something extraordinary. 

Carlos & Maite

Carlos and Maite external 2.png

Carlos and Spanish-born Maite want to build a Spanish inspired home. Maite’s designing it herself - without any professional qualifications! She is being helped by an architect - but they have rather different ideas about how the house should look.   

Vineet & Simmi


Prabhjot & Shalini

P&S Chandelier 3.png

Vineet and Simmi and Prabhjot and Shalini are part of a close community of friends who met in Slough, now building new homes at Graven Hill – one a well-insulated concrete formwork home, the other a super fast kit house.

John & Julia

PORT HOLE 8_edited_edited.jpg

John and Julia have spent the last 30 years trying to build their own home but bad luck has always stood in their way.

Finally, the perfect opportunity presents itself, but will they succeed this time? 

Joanna & Ben

STAIRS 2.png

Joanna and Ben are building an American ranch style house just a few miles from Glasgow city  centre  on an  incredibly tight budget, relying on all their skill and ingenuity to  realise  their incredible vision.

Craig & Leah


Life in the Army for Leah and Craig has meant sacrificing stability and permanence, now they want to build a house that’s  all of  their own.

Jitinder is building a bachelor pad worthy of the Hollywood hills.

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