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Carlos & Maite

13th April 2022 9pm Channel 4

Carlos & Maite

Carlos and Maite have ambitious plans to build a bold, Spanish inspired home - the country Maite grew up in. But Maite doesn’t just want to live in it, she’s also designing it - without any professional qualifications!


She is being helped by an architect - but they have rather different ideas about how the house should look. Maite and Carlos have put everything on the line to build their home but with creative differences in the mix, and a tight budget, will Maite get to realise her extraordinary vision? 

Carlos & Maite suppliers list

Suppliers List

The following list of suppliers is for information purposes only and no representation or endorsement is made by us in respect of these suppliers.

Company Name
House Design & Paintings
Main Contractor
S & C Carpentry Contractors Ltd
Windows & Frames
Aluminium Exterior
Balcony, Banister & Staircase
Tiles, Floors & Showers
Furniture - Bespoke Joinery
Shade Dean-Alegre
Furniture - Bespoke pieces, Decorative Antiques & Sheepskin rugs
Main Build
Metal Work
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