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Sydenham Hill

Wednesday 12th October 2022 9pm Channel 4

Sydenham Hill


Corinne is a chef who loves to cook and entertain. Now the South Londoner is rustling up plans for a beautifully crafted, double kitchen home designed around her love of cooking. She’s found what she thinks is the perfect plot to take in sweeping views while enjoying an al fresco dinner with friends – a slither of garden down the side of the house she’s lived in for the last 24 years. Unusually for London, this wedge-shaped end of terrace plot is on a hill and surrounded by beautiful woodland. However, Corinne’s challenging site also sits within a strict conservation area, meaning a further series of tight restrictions, hurdles and headaches to overcome as construction gets underway.



But beyond the stress of building, Corinne also has personal motivation for creating a home she loves. She recently got divorced, and then spent lockdown having cancer treatment in isolation. For Corinne the house is a unique opportunity to create a space that represents a new lease of life, and one that is shaped on her own terms. This house is vital for her on so many levels. She isn’t doing the build completely alone though, she’s engaged an architect to collaborate with, and their relationship is a key to success. The contract is to deliver the house for a given price, but early setbacks with groundworks, the surging cost of materials and Corinne’s expensive tastes, means a relationship that starts out

amiably enough, is soon put under real pressure.

Sydenham Hill Suppliers List

Suppliers List

The following list of suppliers is for information purposes only and no representation or endorsement is made by us in respect of these suppliers.

Company Name
Architectural lighting suppliers and project management
Biometric fingerprint scanner
Boiling tap
Custom AV services
Floor tiles
Front door
Kitchen and laundry appliances
Kitchen design and supply
Landscape and garden design
Paint and wallpaper
Photographic artwork (inspirational visit)
Plant interior styling and curating
Smart System (Electrical Contractors)
Smart System Programming (AV and Lighting)
Smart System suppliers (Lighting control and blinds)
Sound system, speakers, amps, audio solutions
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