Grand Designs South Cornwall

South Cornwall

First Broadcast 5th October 2016 9pm Channel 4

South Cornwall

Tom and Danielle's lifelong passion is steam bending wood into extraordinary curvy shapes. They’ve spent much of their lives using the technique to make small-scale furniture and lighting, but now they’re taking their craft to the next level. 


Desperate to escape the tiny 44 square metre gamekeeper’s lodge they currently live in, Tom and Danielle decide to build a spectacular wavy wooden house for themselves and their two children in a wood in South Cornwall. Their new home will have curvy steambent cladding, twisty hand made furniture and interior walls covered with a smorgasbord of naturally-weathered timber from their woodland.


With just a 100k budget to play with, they get stuck into building as much of their bendy home themselves as they can. At first they just about cope with Danielle project managing and looking after the kids while Tom keeps their business running in the workshop. However when business suddenly takes off and they’re inundated with orders, then there’s news of a third child on the way, they’re soon close to being overwhelmed…


Suppliers List

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Company Name
Architectural Technologist
Building Merchant
Cladding and Furniture
Cladding (additional timber supplier)
Drains and Landscaping
Electrical Work
Fire System
Fire system installer
Ground Source
Kitchen design
Kitchen mechanisms
Larch link timber supplier
Lime wash & pointing advice
Metal roofing/ sheeting
Mobile saw mill
Tap fittings
Wood burning stove supplier
Wood burning stove installer