Grand Designs Sheffield


First Broadcast 17th October 2018 9pm Channel 4


Identical twins Nik and Jon run a graphic design company together, they drive the same car and even own identical dogs. Now these two brothers are building two near identical houses next door to each other in Sheffield. Raised up on steel stilts on the site of an old corn mill, these two extraordinary houses will pay tribute to Sheffield’s industrial past. Huge steel frames with exposed blockwork and black steel cladding should create two sleek and modern family homes.


But Nik and Jon’s plan is incredibly ambitious. Not only do they want to build the two houses for the price of one, but the materials and finish have to be absolutely perfect too. With a budget of just three hundred and fifty thousand pounds for both buildings, it’s an almighty stretch right from the start. Nik and Jon may have played a huge role in designing the buildings, but the fact they’ve never project managed anything of this magnitude before soon starts to tell. As delays, overages and imperfections hit, it’s clear the twins’ intuitive and incredibly close relationship will be tested like never before…


Suppliers List

The following list of suppliers is for information purposes only and no representation or endorsement is made by us in respect of these suppliers.

Company Name
Architectural designer - Able Hinchcliffe
Artworks supplier - 99 Mary Street Gallery
Bathroom floor and wall tiles
Bespoke lighting collaboration - DED, Tyson Studio
Danish furniture
Door hardware
Green boomerang chair in Nik's dining room
Groundworks and construction
Interior finishes
Kitchen appliances
Kitchen manufacture and install
Light switches & sockets
Log burners
Masonry blocks
Mini digger supplier
Piling & foundations
Principle contractor
Plumbing, energy blades renewable heating system
Sanitary ware
Selected furniture items: Jon's sofa and Nik's rug and coffee table
Shower heads
Steel kitchen worktop, kitchen sinks and taps
Structural engineer
Wall shelf systems
Wood fired oven