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North Devon Revisited

Wednesday 19th October 2022 9pm Channel 4

North Devon Revisited

Kevin McCloud returns to North Devon for the highly anticipated lighthouse revisit episode. Back in 2011, Edward and Hazel set out to build a brand-new art deco lighthouse complex, complete with infinity pool, on an exclusive stretch of North Devon coastline. To create their dream, the couple had already spent £1.4 million on their plot and intended to spend another £1.8 million more on their giant

bright white four-storey lighthouse, all to be complete in 18 months.


But almost immediately their optimistic plan ran into trouble. The lender they had agreed their huge £1.8 million loan with pulled out and Edward was forced to radically re-think. A smaller second house was built on the side of the plot, the sale of which was meant to finance the main project, but to no avail. Regardless their old house on site was demolished and painstaking piling work began on the new lighthouse, instantly eating up their entire £200k contingency. Consumed by a spiral of borrowing and debt, by the end of 2019 Edward’s great gamble had him on the verge of bankruptcy. His marriage to Hazel was seemingly over, and the lighthouse itself was just an ugly rusting steel and concrete shell. It was one of the saddest Grand Designs episodes ever.


But now 3 years on, Kevin is back to see if anything has been salvaged from this disastrous project. Have millions been found to finally complete the lighthouse and if so, who might be living there? Full of trepidation, Kevin is in Devon to find out...

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With thanks to the Devon Christie Estates for location access
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