Grand Designs Malvern


First Broadcast 6th September 2017 9pm Channel 4


Few people would be brave or foolish enough to buy a building plot for their family home without visiting it first, but that’s exactly what ex-RAF pilot Jon and GP Gill did. Returning to the UK after a four year stint in New Zealand, this intrepid pair want to build a Kiwi style hill house on the slopes of the Malvern hills in Worcestershire. Their ambitious 3 storey upside-down wood and stone clad home, clinging to the hill, is designed to take advantage of and enhance the surrounding scenery.


But there are problems right from the start. The site they bought is so steep and difficult that no local builders want the job. So Jon takes another massive gamble. Despite his complete lack of experience he quits his job and decides to run this tricky project himself. It proves an emotional rollercoaster ride. Unexpected challenges come thick and fast, the schedule slips and costs start to snowball, leaving Jon struggling to cope…


Suppliers List

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Company Name
Bookcase & wardrobes
Building supplies
Cladding (wood)
Kitchen & internal doors
Landscape design
Lighting supplies
Meadow turf & garden turf
Roof trusses and joists
Roof membrane installation
Steel supplier
Stove installation
Waterproof membrane & roof membrane