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Only a few lucky residents get to live in the highly decorative Arts and Crafts houses of a nineteenth century country estate in the midst of the dramatic Scottish countryside, on an estate originally conceived by renowned architect Sir Robert Lorimer no less. Those that live there cherish the atmosphere, the beauty, the heritage. But what if an outsider wants to come in and plonk an enormous black minimalist rectangular building right into the beautiful walled garden, the centrepiece of the estate? That’s what young, ambitious architect Iain and his wife Jenny intend to do. Their grand vision will also involve connecting the new black clad block right through the historic high garden wall into a dilapidated, listed gardeners bothy on the other side - currently a charming building which wouldn’t look out of place in a Beatrix Potter book. Having spent £225,000 on the bothy and gardens, they have just £350,000 to spend on a project that combines the startlingly new with delicate conservation, as well as the conversion of a historic vegetable garden into a practical family garden. The neighbours are watching.


The project gets off to an inauspicious start as Iain opts to dump 40 tonnes of earth from the foundations into the middle of the cultivated garden. And it’s not long before the garden wall starts looking seriously sorry for itself when several huge holes are smashed through to connect the bothy to the new building. With the bothy proving far more time consuming and costly to restore and convert than expected, concerns about whether this historic site will be ruined forever hang over the entire project…  

Suppliers List

Suppliers List

The following list of suppliers is for information purposes only and no representation or endorsement is made by us in respect of these suppliers.

Company Name
Animal Prints in Archie’s bedroom
Artwork in kitchen
Bathroom fixtures
Bathroom tiling
Bed in guest bedroom
Bunk bed in Archie’s bedroom
Cladding and Flooring
Desk in Archie’s bedroom
Dining chairs
Floor screed and concrete slab
Furniture in dining room
Furniture in lounge
Furniture in snug and master bedroom
Heat Pump and plumbing
Cochrane Group Renewables Ltd
Interior Designer (Soft Furnishings)
Lamps in lounge, cushions and window seat in kitchen
Lighting along the hall
Lighting in bedrooms, above kitchen island and above dining table
Lighting in guest bedroom, lounge and outside bothy door
Ottoman in lounge
Rooflights in bothy
Rooflights in hallway and kitchen
SIPS kit
Bespoke joinery (doors, windows and staircase)
Storage baskets in Emily’s bedroom
Structural Engineer
Wardrobe in Archie’s bedroom
Windows and glass doors in new build
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