Grand Designs Herefordshire

Herefordshire II

First Broadcast 1st November 2017 9pm Channel 4

Herefordshire II

Ten years in the making, this is the longest running Grand Designs ever. In 2007 Ed and Rowena started to build a handcrafted five bedroom house on their eight acre smallholding in Herefordshire – on just a £100k budget. Made from individually carved wooden beams and walls of straw and clay, the heart of the house was to be a huge medieval style hall complete with massive stone fireplace and a glorious cathedral like window with panoramic views across the valley.


Using his carpentry skills Ed decided to do most of the work himself. A noble ambition, but it meant that progress was glacially slow. Four years in, the house was still a shell, with no internal walls. However Kevin McCloud was so intrigued by what might eventually emerge from Ed’s idiosyncratic and highly creative mind, that in 2012 he decided to follow the build for another 5 years. In the end it’s just possible this house might turn out to be Ed’s masterpiece...


Suppliers List

The following list of suppliers is for information purposes only and no representation or endorsement is made by us in respect of these suppliers.

Company Name
Architectural Drawings
M.G. Morgan
Cast iron roll top bath
Conceptual architect
Daylight tubes
Earth floor
Front door hinging
Granulated cork insulation
Green wood chairs
Hardwood timber supplier
Heat storage range cooker
Horse drawn timber extraction
Joinery (arched front door)
Kitchen sink (handcrafted fireclay)
Lime and hemp plaster work in hall
Local flagstones, stone for tiles, walls and triangular floor
Original artwork
Original ceramics
Reed board, lime hemp plaster, natural paints, hydraulic lime and pigments
Roundwood timber framing
Site information
Steel bracketry for hall ceiling
Stone for fireplace
Structural engineer
Thermodynamic solar assisted hot water heat pumps
Wood burning stove in kitchen
Woodpecker carvings
Wool throw and rug