Grand Designs Haringey


First Broadcast 13th September 2017 9pm Channel 4


Penny has a passion for cutting edge contemporary architecture. However husband Mark loves period architecture. Somehow, these two neurologists want to build a family home that satisfies both their tastes. But will it be the best of both worlds or just an appalling mishmash?


Taking the plunge they buy a derelict Victorian gatehouse on a very steep hill in north London that now sits abandoned and unloved. The plan is to lovingly restore it, paint it white and then add a giant, black, zinc clad box at the back, marrying their love of old and new. But right from the off they run into problems. The gatehouse is terminally cracked and needs knocking down completely. Excavating the tricky sloping site takes months longer than expected. Increasingly struggling to balance their busy work lives with project managing, the future of Penny and Mark’s unconventional home hangs in the balance…


Suppliers List

The following list of suppliers is for information purposes only and no representation or endorsement is made by us in respect of these suppliers.

Company Name
Bathroom mosaic
Bricks (handmade)
Frameless pocket door system
Furniture, soft furnishings & accessories
Furniture, soft furnishings & accessories
Furniture, soft furnishings & accessories
Garden design
Garden soil & turf
Kitchen (bespoke ice-box style)
Kitchen appliances
Kitchen worktop
Light (conduit ceiling light)
Lighting (other)
Lighting (spot lights)
Mechanical heat ventilation recovery system
Roofing (flat and green roof)
Stair specialist metal supplier
Staircase (design and installation)
Stove installation
Tiles (floor)
Windows (aluminium)
Wooden floors
Wooden windows
Wooden windows restoration
Zinc cladding