Wednesday 26th Oct 9pm Channel4
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Can you really build a Grand Design when you’ve only got £500 to start with? That’s what Simon and Jasmine Dale had in the bank when they started to build their unique 3 bedroom family house high up in the hills of rural Pembrokeshire. They’ve got their own take on 21st century low-impact self-building – foraged and recycled materials put together with infinite care and craftsmanship, not money. Despite the budget their house will be open plan, have underfloor heating, inside flushing loo and a set of greenhouses that wouldn’t disgrace Kew Gardens.

If that wasn’t enough of a tall order, they are also part of a pioneering, government backed, sustainable village called Lammas which has a fierce planning condition attached. In return for the right to build on open farmland they have to prove they can become self-sufficient on their 7 acre plot within 5 years.

It’s a huge double challenge. With sheer hard work, help from nearly 300 volunteers from all over the world and immense skill, Simon and Jasmine’s house slowly rises out of the hillside. Alongside the build, they struggle to hit the self-sufficiency target set by the council. The stakes are high – fail to hit the deadline and they won’t be able to live in the house they’ve laboured over for years.


Suppliers List

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Bedroom windowDERW GLASS DESIGN01239 841 596
Bedroom windowTREFOREST GLASS01443 841 313
Thermafleece roof insulationCELTIC SUSTAINABLES01239 623 506
Epdm and roof membraneFLEXIBLE LINING PRODUCTS LTD01594 829 297
Architect, landscape design, training, bespoke woodwork and ecological design consultancyBEING SOMEWHERE07773 372 280