Grand Designs Gloucestershire


First Broadcast  21st September 2016 9pm Channel 4


What can you do with an overgrown, neglected half acre plot in the heart of a Gloucestershire town, especially when it contains 27 protected trees? It could be the perfect plot to build a house if you were allowed to cut down the trees and clear the site. But that’s the last thing on local plumber Jon and ceramicist Noreen minds; they have a much better solution. They love trees and they love their home town, so they’re going to build a big modern tree house. Way up in the treetops it’ll have stilts screwed into the earth to avoid the roots and balconies high up where they see for miles and literally touch the branches. The only problem is actually building it, especially for their modest 268 thousand pound budget.


It takes almost two years to crack the engineering for the complicated, bespoke steel frame. Then when that’s finally complete money proves so tight they’re forced to build the rest of the house themselves. It proves an epic self-build, 40 feet up in the canopy, as they wrestle their ambitious stepped box design into life with an assortment of local friends. Only their dream of living high up amongst the trees keeps an exhausted Jon and Noreen battling towards the finish…


Suppliers List

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Company Name
Blinds & curtains
Building supplies
Energy consultant
Fire proofing

Glulam beams
Ground reinforcement protection
Rubber Roof
Solar panels (photovoltaic)
Stainless steel panels
Telehandler vehicle
Tiles (hand painted)
Timber suppliers
Wooden furniture