2019 Episodes


first aired: 4th Sept 2019

Andy Stakes and Jeanette Hardy build a new house right on top of a sheer 100ft cliff in Scotland. But after battling high winds and pounding rain, will an unexpected emotional shock and a last-minute design change ruin everything they’ve worked for?


first aired: 11th Sept 2019

Paul and Amy Wilkinson build a lakeside home in Lincolnshire made up of five circular timber buildings linked by walkways. But workaholic Paul’s health suffers as he struggles to get this devilishly complicated build finished in just 12 months


first aired: 18th Sept 2019

Design engineer Mark Butler is paralysed from the waist down. Along with wife Penny he builds a cutting-edge new wheelchair friendly family home with full accessibility built into its fabric. Construction however proves a huge emotional strain


first aired: 25th Sept 2019

Engineer Richard Bennett and partner Felicia Böhm transform an underground water reservoir in the Humber Estuary into a family home. It’s an epic task to demolish the concrete roof and grind the reservoir walls. Then life threatening illness strikes.


West Suffolk

first aired: 2nd Oct 2019

After recovering from leukaemia Toby is driven to build five interlinked barn structures in a horseshoe around an old oak tree in Suffolk. But can he balance high architecture, wife Libby’s need for a comfortable family home and his ongoing health concerns


North Devon

first aired: 9th Oct 2019

Edward and Hazel Short build a shining white art deco lighthouse, with additional bedroom wing and infinity pool, all on a rugged but beautiful clifftop spot in North Devon. But almost immediately their wildly optimistic plan runs into trouble.


Strathaven Revisited

first aired: 16th Oct 2019

Kevin McCloud returns to Strathaven in Scotland to see Colin and Marta’s incredible metal home, inspired by aircraft hangars, now it’s finally finished. Six years on has this magnificent structure transformed their lives in the way they’d hoped?














2018 Episodes

Aylesbury Vale

first aired: 19th Sept 2018

Spanish architect Jaime and his wife Mimi Fernandez convert a Grade II* listed folly in Buckinghamshire into a family home. With a wildly optimistic deadline to finish before the birth of their second child, it’s not long before they hit trouble. 


first aired: 26th September 2018

Harry and Briony Anscombe have made a radical move from London to Cornwall with their three young children. But even more radical is the giant American Modernist house they want to build, inspired by cult 80s film Ferris Bueller’s Day Off.


first aired: 3rd October 2018

Elinor and Born Barikor build a hypoallergenic ‘healthy’ home, trying to alleviate their two young sons’ life threatening allergies. Their home will be built with low toxin materials and cutting edge filtration systems to clean the air they breathe. 


first aired: 10th October 2018

Chiropractor Steph Wilson and husband Alex try to build a sleek contemporary family farmhouse on Steph’s grandfather’s old farmland, an ambition she’s held for 20 years. But lack of money leads to extended life in a caravan and a total re-design. 


first aired: 17th October 2018

Identical twins Nik and Jon Daughtry build two near identical houses next door to each other in Sheffield. Raised up on steel stilts on the site of an old corn mill, these two extraordinary houses will pay tribute to Sheffield’s industrial past.


first aired: 24th October 2018

Concrete fanatic Adrian Corrigall and wife Megan build a family home in rural East Sussex made almost entirely out of the stuff, both inside and out. Adrian hopes his raw, exposed, modular concrete home will be the ultimate 21st century country house.

East Devon Revisited

first aired: 31st October 2018

Kevin McCloud returns to Devon to meet Kevin McCabe – the man who wanted to build one of the biggest houses Grand Designs has ever seen, out of mud. Finally, seven years after it began, the herculean task of building this giant cob castle is complete. 













2017 Episodes


first aired: 6th September 2017

Ex-RAF pilot Jon and GP Gill Flewers build a New Zealand style hill house on the steep slopes of the Malvern hills in Worcestershire. It proves an emotional rollercoaster ride. The schedule slips and costs snowball, leaving Jon struggling to cope. 


first aired: 13th September 2017

Neurologists Penny Talelli and Mark Edwards reconstruct a derelict old Victorian gatehouse on a steep hill in North London, adding a giant, contemporary black zinc clad box at the back and thus marrying their respective loves of the new and the old.

County Down

first aired: 20th September 2017

Young architect and shed fanatic Micah Jones turns a dilapidated old agricultural building in the rolling countryside of County Down into an innovative upside down 4 bedroom mega-shed for himself, his wife Elaine and their two young boys.

South Hertfordshire

first aired: 27th September 2017

Chris and Kayo, and their designer Rogan, build a unique Roman courtyard inspired family home near an abbey in South Hertfordshire. Constrained by stringent planning conditions, will Chris and Kayo even like their radical home when it’s finished?


Herne Hill

first aired: 4th October 2017

Designers Beth Dadswell and Andrew Wilbourne rescue a crumbling old Victorian dairy in South East London and convert it into a family house – retaining as much decay as they can. But can they combine ‘shabby chic’ with a home fit for modern living? 


Blackdown Hills

first aired: 11th October 2017

Taking inspiration from an ammonite shell they found on their land in the Blackdown Hills in Devon, engineer Stephen Tetlow and his horticulturalist wife Elizabeth build an astonishing curving house that looks like a giant coiled snake in a field.

Peak District

first aired: 18th October 2017

Fred and Saffron Baker build an innovative new family home in the Peak District – on a 30 degree slope. It has a traditional top floor in plain sight, with two post-industrial styled floors buried into the thick sloping Derbyshire limestone below.

East London

first aired: 25th October 2017

Joe Stuart and Lina Nilsson take on the London property market. At 83 square metres their clever space saving £160k budgeted home may be the smallest two bedroom house that you’re allowed to build in the capital, but it’ll be theirs, not a landlords.

Herefordshire Part 2

first aired: 1st November 2017

In 2007 Ed and Rowena Waghorn started building a handcrafted five bedroom house on their smallholding in Herefordshire. Four years in, the house was still a shell, but Kevin McCloud returned in 2012 to follow Ed’s masterpiece to completion. 













2016 Episodes



first aired: 21st Sept 2016

Plumber Jon Martin and ceramicist Noreen Jaafar hand build a big modern tree house in their Gloucestershire home town for just £268k. It proves an epic undertaking as they wrestle their ambitious stepped box design into life 40 feet up in the canopy.



first aired: 28th Sept 2016

Matt and Sophie White from Sussex want to build a giant house of fun for themselves and their three children – featuring secret stairs, hiding places and a fireman’s pole. But Matt keeps changing the design as he goes along, bewildering his builders.


South Cornwall

first aired: 5th Oct 2016

Wood steam benders Tom and Danielle Raffield have just £100k to hand-build a spectacular family home in South Cornwall with curvy wood cladding and twisty handmade furniture. But soon business commitments and family life start to overwhelm them.



first aired: 12th Oct 2016

After recovering from illness, artist and teacher Michelle Parsons and her architect husband David, found a beautiful plot in an Essex woodland, where David devised a sleek, black clad, three bedroom house with a separate artist studio for Michelle.



first aired: 19th Oct 2016

Bricklayer Paul Rimmer ropes in wife Carol, daughter Abby and his mates to build an ultra-modern five-bed house in Bolton – made out of wood not bricks. They’re hammered by extreme weather, then funding dries up and the entire project is put at risk.



first aired: 26th Oct 2016

Simon and Jasmine Dale have only £500 to start building their unique family house on a hill in Pembrokeshire. As if that wasn’t challenging enough, planning constraints dictate that to stay on the land they also have to be officially self-sufficient.


first aired: 2nd Nov 2016

Mark and Candida Diacono build a sweeping, curvy new home and a matching working barn on their 17 acre smallholding in Devon. Setting themselves just 7 months to do it, this unique technical challenge relies on boundless optimism to pull off.


first aired: 17th Nov 2016

Stuart and Rosie Treasurer from the Wirral try to turn their 60s dormer bungalow into a generous 21st century piece of slick architecture for just £175k. But the neighbours grumble when the ultra-modern wooden box goes up in their traditional suburb.