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Devon Revisited

Wednesday 9th November 2022 9pm Channel 4

Devon Revisited

In the longest revisit in Grand Designs history, Kevin McCloud returns to see Sue and Martin in Devon.  In 1999 they began the renovation of a couple of 16th and 18th century barns. Living in a caravan on site, they wanted to use sustainable, traditional methods to create a home with ‘soul’. Project managed by Martin, the build progressed in an evolutionary way – without conventional plans, site surveys and



This brought its own set of problems and miscalculations and the couple’s eco principles were put to the test with a number of delays and compromises. Their original deadline to move in by Christmas 2000 went by. Short of money the builders were taken off the project full time and Martin planned to finish work himself, only employing specialist trades where necessary. By September 2002 the house

was still not complete.  Now, two decades later, Kevin returns to see if their vision of a historic home lovingly, painstakingly

transformed has finally come to pass.

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