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 XXDAY XXDATEXX 2024 9pm Channel 4


Tony and Ara could hardly be described as a conventional couple. Ara walked away from a successful corporate career to become a physical therapist and healer, and in his 60 years Tony has been a nutritionist and wellness coach. Now the plan is to draw those passions and beliefs together to create a house that is all about health and wellbeing - all the more pressing as Ara has fragile health due to an auto-immune

condition. Even though they’ll be living on site to save money, the idea is for Tony to shoulder the responsibility of managing the build, in order to shield Ara from any stress.


The plot is a beautiful woodland clearing near Henley-on-Thames, but it’s also a site replete with potential emotional landmines. The first step is to demolish the house that Tony grew up in, that was built by his parents, and where Ara nursed both parents in their final years. As the new structure emerges it’s not long before Ara’s desire not to get physically drawn into the build falls by the wayside. With money tight she has to

join Tony physically labouring on site, and with their schedule stretching inexorably and stress levels rising, what was meant to be a house of healing is in danger of becoming the exact opposite.

Suppliers List

Suppliers List

The following list of suppliers is for information purposes only and no representation or endorsement is made by us in respect of these suppliers.

Company Name
Accoya cladding
Technical Architect
Epoxy resin for doors and kitchen units
Groundworks for house excavation
Shaun Gibson
Groundworks, patio and pond
Peachey Landworks
Infra red heating
Internal dry lining boarding
Internal glass balustrades
Lighting (artificial skylight)
Lighting design and supply
Mechanical ventilation heat recovery system
Photography for artwork 
Jim Donahue
Probiotic ventilation system
Better Air UK Ltd
Rented furniture
Timberframe design and construction
Vehicle home car charger
VOC free paints
Waterproof membrane for roof and balcony
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