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Grand Designs

BAFTA winning Grand Designs is widely recognised as the pre-eminent series on modern architecture and design in Britain. It was originally conceived as a documentary series presented by designer and writer Kevin McCloud that takes us into the heart of life’s great unfolding human stories, where ordinary families risk all to experiment with architecture, technology, and their own lifestyle.

Now in its 19th year, Grand Designs is one of Channel 4’s biggest returnable factual series and has grown into a global phenomenon, selling in over 100 territories. Apart from the TV series, the Grand Designs brand has also expanded to include books, a monthly magazinearchitectural awards and a biannual exhibition, Grand Designs live.

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  • RT @Kevin_McCloud: I keep wondering if exposed blockwork and surface-run galvanised ducting is a current ’thing’ in architecture. Then I t…

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