2016 Episodes



first aired: 21st Sept 

Plumber Jon Martin and ceramicist Noreen Jaafar hand build a big modern tree house in their Gloucestershire home town for just £268k. It proves an epic undertaking as they wrestle their ambitious stepped box design into life 40 feet up in the canopy.



first aired: 28th Sept 

Matt and Sophie White from Sussex want to build a giant house of fun for themselves and their three children – featuring secret stairs, hiding places and a fireman’s pole. But Matt keeps changing the design as he goes along, bewildering his builders.


South Cornwall

first aired: 5th Oct 

Wood steam benders Tom and Danielle Raffield have just £100k to hand-build a spectacular family home in South Cornwall with curvy wood cladding and twisty handmade furniture. But soon business commitments and family life start to overwhelm them.



first aired: 12th Oct 

After recovering from illness, artist and teacher Michelle Parsons and her architect husband David, found a beautiful plot in an Essex woodland, where David devised a sleek, black clad, three bedroom house with a separate artist studio for Michelle.



first aired: 19th Oct 

Bricklayer Paul Rimmer ropes in wife Carol, daughter Abby and his mates to build an ultra-modern five-bed house in Bolton – made out of wood not bricks. They’re hammered by extreme weather, then funding dries up and the entire project is put at risk.



first aired: 26th Oct 

Simon and Jasmine Dale have only £500 to start building their unique family house on a hill in Pembrokeshire. As if that wasn’t challenging enough, planning constraints dictate that to stay on the land they also have to be officially self-sufficient.


first aired: 2nd Nov

Mark and Candida Diacono build a sweeping, curvy new home and a matching working barn on their 17 acre smallholding in Devon. Setting themselves just 7 months to do it, this unique technical challenge relies on boundless optimism to pull off.


first aired: 17th Nov

Stuart and Rosie Treasurer from the Wirral try to turn their 60s dormer bungalow into a generous 21st century piece of slick architecture for just £175k. But the neighbours grumble when the ultra-modern wooden box goes up in their traditional suburb.